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Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts for Yoko Ono

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Oh, That’s JIMMY

Independently published in the hills of Silver Lake and the heart of Hollywood, this quarterly explores the rich and diverse creative talents of the sprawling city of Los Angeles. Through photo editorials, interviews, art, and articles it discovers and promotes L.A.’s underground queer community. In a blog-cluttered world, JIMMY stands as a printed history, preserving and documenting a unique and city-specific cultural moment.


The Pocket Shrines of Nina Gaby

Nina Gaby’s Pocket Shrines are intimate sacred vessels that incorporate the fragments of those old religions: Virgin Mary, Maneki Neko, dice, glitter, etc. Each Shrine is an ornamented box that contains a tassel of sacred objects reflecting its theme or purpose.


Curious Lifeforms of Janet Van Fleet

The materials Janet Van Fleet uses to make "Curious Lifeforms" (a series of sculptures of humans and animals) are sticks, rusty nails, buttons, and old clothespins. "As I gather (and subsequently manipulate and assemble) these materials, I become an archivist, preserving and bringing into new relationships oddities from material culture and natural history that would otherwise disappear into the planetary dumpster."


Seth Rogen Talks about Seth on Conan

"I'm a muse in the creative community of the bear-loving world, like the Venus de Milo perhaps," said Rogen during the interview. Rogen and host Conan O'Brien go on to show images from the book while Rogen comments on the images. "I call that one Come and Get Me," said Rogen.


Miguel Sorto: About the artist

Miguel Sorto, who calls himself “The Cyclist”, is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but now makes his home and his art in Montreal, while also maintaining a studio in Barcelona. Originally trained in international management, he decided to retrain in the arts in 2003. He formally studied electronic music (Microsufa, Barcelona), painting (Convent Sant Augustin, Barcelona) and contemporary dance (Centro Civico de Barceloneta, Spain). He is self-taught in sculpture. Sorto devotes himself to improvising “new artistic forms of communication. His small sculptures are good examples of what he describes as “dark, socially implied expressionism.”


Kirsten McCrea: About the artist

Kirsten McCrea is a Montreal-based artist and illustrator, as well as the founder and publisher of Papirmasse, Canada’s only broadsheet art subscription. Papirmasse rallies forth under the slogan “Art is for Everyone!”, and so does Kirsten. McCrea, originally from Edmonton, Alberta, has won several awards for her print work and has shown extensively in Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto.


Sophie Eisner: About the artist

Sophie Eisner is a ceramic artist, sculptor, photographer,  jewelry maker, furniture maker and illustrator who lives and works in Burlington, Vermont. Her work is inspired by the natural world and her relationships with family and friends. In her “Fierce Old Men” series of mugs, the images on each mug are from her travels in India and are either from an image she saw or an old man that she met while she was there. Eisner is a member of the Soda Plant Artist Collective Environment (S.P.A.C.E.) in Burlington, Vermont and her work has been shown throughout Vermont and Minnesota.


George Breisch Gonzalez: About the artist

George Breisch Gonzalez is a fine artist who works in paint, print and clay. Kasini House Artshop features Gonzalez’ work in clay. George Breisch Gonzalez talks about his creative process: The medium that I am most passionate about is clay because I am fascinated by the historical cultural origins of ceramics and the incredibly important role that clay works has had throughout human history. It amazes me to imagine how many uses clay has had in people’s everyday lives from antiquity to contemporary society. But most amazing to me are the ways in which potters have learned to master...


JP King: About the artist

JP King is an artist and writer currently residing in Montreal. He runs PaperPusher Print Works, an innovative site-specific print collective and independent publisher JP King says about himself: JP King is nostalgic. He finds comfort in the search for a forgotten past. He integrates the pieces he finds into his everyday. He would like to understand how things appear and disappear. When he tells you something, he does not want to misguide you. Even if he knows what he’s talking about, he won’t want to reveal his sources. He is reluctant to admit that what he loves and...


John Brickels: About the artist

Clay artist John Brickels of Essex Junction, Vermont has been creating stoneware sculpture for over 35 years. His falling barn sculptures, tittering urban row houses and collapsed rust-belt factories celebrate the hidden beauty of entropy. Brickels’ machines acclaim the industrial heritage of his childhood, rust-belt home of Akron, Ohio. His award-winning work is held in many private and corporate collections; has been featured in Ceramic Monthly, American Style Magazine, The Boston Globe, Art and Perception, and The New York Times; and has been exhibited at the the Smithsonian Institute, the Sculpture Objects and Fine Craft Show (SOFA) in New York...


Daryl Vocat: About the Artist

Daryl Vocat was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and now lives and works in Toronto. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, and his Master of Fine Arts degree at York University in Toronto. His main focus is printmaking, specifically screen printing. His work has been displayed throughout North America.


Katie Dyer: About the Artist

Vermont artist Katie Dyer's pottery is a reflection of her interests as a writer, an English as a second language teacher, and a person fascinated with poetry, letter press, and traditional Chinese paper cutting. Her work is simple with meaning and handmade with a modern look.