And The Birds Sing by Philip Miletic

20-Philip Miletic-And the Birds Sing

In Philip Miletic’s And The Birds Sing, Thirteen amnesiac women sit in a room and wait for something to happen.

They all sit in uncomfortable silence. Sometimes the sound of a match being struck or a lighter’s click breaks the silence. Liz starts snoring. Honey takes out a make-up mirror and re-applies some blush and lipstick. Pursing her lips, she sighs, “I’m bored.” She slouches back into her chair, spreading her legs. “Why are we here?”

Born in Grimsby, Ontario, Philip Miletic got his Masters in English at Brock University in St. Catharines and is currently a PhD student at the University of Waterloo. His fiction has appeared in The Danforth Review and dead (g)end(er), his non-fiction in Open Book Toronto and Open Book Ontario, and his poetry has been featured in ditch, Clockwise Cat and Otoliths. He lives in Kitchener, ON.

Published by Ribbon Pig, a literary imprint of Maison Kasini

Details: Booklet | 7″x5″ | Saddle-stitch | 2013 | ISBN 978-1-927587-14-0