Sarah Cole: About the artist

Artist Statement

A life-long devotee of painting, I think of the craft as visual poetry, a language that explores and illuminates the complexities of the human condition. Working in both acrylics and oils, I create purposefully simple compositions whereby the quality of light imbues the work with direction and meaning.

I am not much concerned with transient issues specific to trends or eras, but rather with constants that span across time and place. I use natural or human form to explore themes such as isolation, memory, faith, society and the human struggle within its confines. I tend to leave my compositions open to individual interpretation, allowing for a spontaneous and authentic dialogue with the viewer – a dialogue that resonates a deeply personal symbolism and unique human response.

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Montreal, I was raised surrounded by art, although I discovered and became enamored with painting only in my college years. My mother, a gifted sculptor, taught me the beauty and value of pursuing that which you love, and it is the love of painting that began to flourish in me as a young woman and continues to do so in the present.

It was a drawing course at John Abbott College that first inspired me to discover my passion and to subsequently complete my studies in Fine Arts at Dawson College from which I graduated in 1989. Following graduation, I began producing work, developing my techniques and finding a personal voice as an artist. Following a couple of exhibitions I was discovered by Jacques Bois, owner of Galerie Sous le Cap in Quebec, who represented me from 1994 to 1998 until his tragic death.

Next came a period during which I did not engage my creative side as an artist, but rather focused on raising my daughter and earning a full-time income. However, time and fiscality could not sway my desire to return to my craft full-time, which I did in 2006. Since then I have pursued my artistic practice with abandon, working and experimenting at my Mile-End studio.