Px(c): About the artist

Px(c) is Montréal artist Benoit Depelteau’s corporate alter-ego, whose first appearance was in the 1999 painting, You never know when you’ll need Px(c), as a car parts brand name.

Px(c) has been known, over the years, to mimic advertising strategies to sell dysfunctional products and ideas to people. Its catalogue includes car parts, eye, fingers, tongues, sunglasses, d.i.y. art, concepts for gallery art, mouse traps, packages and some collages and prints, too. He likes to take various images and slogans out of their advertising context and combine them into a new dysfunctional meaning.

Px(c) says: “Art should live in the everyday life, not be trapped between white walls. Above all the aesthetic concerns, it remains a communication act. It must be seen to operate, it must go to people because people won’t come to it.”

Using images from advertising and popular culture is important to have people look at Px(c)’s products. When they see that the meaning doesn’t make sense, they will ask themselves why and that’s when it become interesting.